Solar Geyser Systems

Solar geysers harness energy from the sun in order to create hot water. Water is heated through a collector (vaccum tubes or flat plate) and heat is transferred into a storage tank (geyser) either by natural means (thermosiphon) or by the use of a pump.

Direct geyser – Potable water is heated inside the collector, it flows into the geyser and ultimately the water system – this is the most efficient means of heating water.

Indirect geyser - The liquid that is heated inside the collector is separate to the potable water inside the geyser. Water inside the geyser is indirectly heated through a heat exchanger or “double jacket” The reason for this is either to protect a flat plate collector from freezing or to protect it from hard water.

Thermosiphon – Water/glycol rises naturally from the collector into the geyser.

Pumped – A pump is used to push heat down from the collector into the geyser – typically used when the geyser is installed inside the roof for aesthetic reasons or in bulk water systems

Advantages of Solar Geysers:

  • Use the sun to heat your geyser – FREE HOT WATER!
  • Saves Electricity, Saves Energy!
  • Good for the environment!
  • Saves you money!

Eskom rebate: Unlimited Solar will help you to claim back your rebate from Eskom from beginning to end, even going as far as handing in the rebate forms for you.

Our Solar Systems range include: Kayema Energy Solutions, Kwikot Solar Systems, Powerz-On Solar Systems, and Pacific Solar Systems.


Direct & Indirect Solar Geyser Systems





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