Solar Geyser Systems

Solar geysers harness the suns energy to heat water. Water is heated up through a solar collector that is exposed to the sun, this heat is transferred into the geyser to heat up the water. There are various ways to plumb a solar geyser. Unlimited Solar has a variety of options for your home. Unlimited Solar has the widest variety of solar geysers on offer. From low pressure to high pressure systems, direct or indirect, pumped or thermo siphon, vacuum tubes or flat plate collectors. You can be sure that we have a solution for you.

How we work:

  1. Enquire online or by phone about installing a solar geyser/heat pump at your home.
  2. We will send out an accredited installer to do a detailed site inspection for you.
  3. We will send you a quote for the most efficient systems based on the plumbers findings.
  4. You accept out quote and we arrange the installation for you.
  5. You start enjoying the many benefits of your solar water heating or heat pump system.

Eskom rebate: Unlimited Solar will help you to claim back your rebate from Eskom from beginning to end, even going as far as handing in the rebate forms for you.

Our Solar Systems range include: Kayema Energy Solutions, Kwikot Solar Systems, Powerz-On Solar Systems, and Pacific Solar Systems.

Advantages of Solar Geysers:

  • Use the sun to heat your geyser FREE HOT WATER!
  • Saves Electricity, Saves Energy!
  • Good for the environment!
  • Saves you money!  



Solar Jargon:

  • Thermo-siphon: water rises naturally from the collector into the geyser. The geyser and the geyser collector usually sit on top of the roof with this system.
  • Pumped system: A pump is used to circulate the heat from the collector into the geyser. This configuration is used in homes that can't have or don't want a geyser on top of the roof.
  • Direct solar geyser: The potable water that is heated up inside the collector is that same water that is circulated inside the geyser.
  • Indirect system: The liquid that is heated up inside the collector will never come into contact with the water inside the geyser. This is used to protect against frost or hard water.


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