About Unlimited Solar

Unlimited Solar forms the Energy saving arm of the Conschef Group. The group represents trusted brands in the plumbing and Sanitaryware industry such as Sanitaryware Centre, Union Plumbing Supplies and Premier Plumbing Supplies.

The group was formed in 1982 and was primarily a supplier to the plumbing trade. We were the first company to combine Plumbing counters and Sanitaryware Showrooms and today we are one of the leading players in both industries.

Solar was a natural progession for us and in 2010 Unlimited Solar was launched. Since then we have progressed into various solutions in the energy saving space and as time goes on we will continue to innovate.

Why do we need to save?

In South Africa we find ourselves in a difficult situation, Eskom, our primary source of power, cannot guarantee electricity to the whole country. In order to build the necessary power stations to keep up with the demand for electricity they have been forced to increase prices and cut power when necessary.

At the moment, industry, and in particular the mines are the ones to be going through the inconvenience of power shortages. This has a major negative effect on South Africa's growth rate, GDP, unemployment and so on... We have all experienced the inconvenience of power cuts and who knows when next Eskom will decide to cut household power again? A cold shower on a winter's day is not at all appealing!

The only way to solve the problem is to work together in saving electricity!

The most substantial way to save electricity is through your geyser. In a typical household your hot water spend constitutes 40% of your total electricity bill. Eskom is playing their part in helping us to reduce our power consumption and has launched a programme called Demand Size Management (DSM). Through this programme Eskom is committed to making it financially viable for consumers to install a solar heating water system or a heat pump in their houses so much so that they are offering rebates for these products. At Unlimited Solar, we have a solution that is made to tailor fit your needs and your budget.

Come and see our wide variety of energy efficient products that are guaranteed to save you money and enjoy our interactive solar experience with SOUTH AFRICA'S 1st SOLAR SHOWROOM! Our knowledgeable sales staff will be able to prescribe you with the perfect energy saving products to compliment your lifestyle.


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